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Tradesbook allows you to have the most flexibility when deciding who and how to employ a tradesman. It gives you instant access to the most up to date information and you’ll be able to search, network and select the most suited tradesman available on the market. The employees on our site will be star-rated so you can be confident of getting reliable high quality staff. You can also instantly see if they are available and willing to work in your area.

For a small monthly fee, Tradesbook takes away the high agency fees and replaces it with a solution that's not only more cost effective but is as flexible as you require it to be. To view all of your cost saving options please click here.


If you have a skill and you’re looking for work, Tradesbook offers you the ability to pick and choose your working assignments. It allows dialogue between you and the Contractor looking to employ you. It allows you to negotiate how and what you are to be paid instead of an agency dictating what fee they will take out of your pay.

For a small monthly fee, create your personalised profile and then:
Make yourself visible to our contractors;
Showcase your skills;
Become highly rated via our feedback star rating system;
and above all else, you stay in control.

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